Sports Glasses & Frames

What Are Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses are specifically designed to provide visual clarity during physical activity while maintaining structural integrity. The frames are typically designed  for common sports such as cycling, baseball, basketball, soccer, or football. Prescription lenses are vital to an athlete’s ability to maintain optimal vision during the rigors of sport. They provide both increased performance and safety to the athlete utilizing them.

These frames and respective lenses are designed to be extremely durable, holding up to impact and heavy use. Another common variable to consider is an anti-fog coating, to help reduce any impact on your vision or even UV Protection. These sport frames are available in a wide variety of sleek and discrete styles as well, eliminating the days of being singled-out on the court for having protective and prescription eye wear!

All of these aforementioned options and more are available at both Gordon Optical locations, and our high trained and experienced staff will happily guide you to the perfect option for your sports glasses.


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