What Is Chemistrie Modular Eyewear?

Chemistrie Modular Eyewear is a new take on magnetic clip-on sun lenses that are designed to fit any frame! These lenses go far beyond the typical clip-ons available on the market today by offering a wide variety of different clip-able lenses that serve different functions, all while utilizing the same magnetic attachment hardware. This month, we’ll discuss the various lenses available for the Chemistrie modular system.

There are polarized sun lenses available in a wide array of different color options including solid, mirrored, and even gradient lens colors. The lens sets are all polarized in order to provide full-range UV protection as well as to reduce harsh glares. The sun lenses for the Chemistrie modular system are designed to be extremely lightweight in order to avoid the unbalanced feeling that is typical of other clip-ons seen on the market.

Chemistrie also now offers attachable magnifying reader lenses available in .25 increments ranging from +.50 to +2.50. The lenses themselves are made from a premium HiVex material with a 46 ABBE value, and have a double-sided, anti-reflective coating. Chemistrie also boasts one of the only available clip-on lens attachments designed for viewing 3D entertainment! With these attachments, you will no longer need to wear bulky 3D glasses on top of your regular prescription glasses.

One of the premiere features of the modular lens system is reduced discomfort from hours spent on a computer by filtering out a portion of the high-energy violet and blue light emitted. This applies to light from computers, smartphones, tablets and fluorescent lighting. These blue-light filtering lenses are perfect for those who work for extended amounts of time with computers or other digital displays since they reduce the long term digital eye strain.


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