Best Eyeglass Frame Style

Which Eyeglass Frames Best Suit the Shape of Your Face?

Finding the best eyeglass frames is all about developing contrast between the size, shape and proportions of your face while considering the size and angles of your new eyeglass frames. There are several different varieties of face shapes, each with their own proportions, but it’s not nearly as hard to navigate as it sounds.

The general rule of pairing the best eyeglass frames with your face style is bringing balance to your face. If you have a top-heavy facial structure like a heart, you are looking for larger rounded frames with a flared bottom like aviators or circular frames. Those with a more pronounced chin can utilize cat eye frames or brow line glasses to widen the appearance of their face and bring balance. A shorter rounded face thrives with a taller rectangular frame. Someone with a sharp, square jaw and cheekbones would benefit from rounded frames that soften and balance the features. As long as you can identify the shape and proportions of your face, you can easily find the perfect fit. Here are the most common face shapes and their best eyeglass frames style matches:

Best Eyeglass Frames for Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

Moderate forehead, moderate cheekbones, and a moderate jaw

Oval faces are extremely versatile and can support most frame styles, but rectangular and square frames are especially perfect for adding even more structure and bringing out your best features. Avoid oversized frames that are too wide for your face and diminish your jawline.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape

Moderate forehead, wide cheeks, and moderate, undefined jaw

Larger frames will offset a shorter, rounder face and a rectangular or square lense will balance out softer features in favor of a more balanced and appealing look. Avoid small frames, especially circular or oval frames, and find a rectangular frame that fits comfortably.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape

Broad forehead, angular cheekbones and a strong, wider jaw

Aim for larger rounded frames that soften features and favor the proportions of your head. A square head is balanced by default, so a cat eye or brow line frame will bring some structure while allowing for perfect contrast. Avoid sharp, angular, geometric shapes and small lenses.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape

Narrow forehead, sharp and occasionally high cheekbones, and a narrow or angular chin

Balance sharper facial features with a nice rounded frame in either a bold oval, a hip circle, a classic brow line frame, or an organic cat eye frame. Avoid sharp or rectangular frames that will bring out the angles of your jaw and cheeks. Rounded frames soften the features instead.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Pear Face Shape

Pear Face Shape

Narrow forehead, moderate round cheeks and broad jaw

Brow line frames, wide rectangular, and anything with a wide top will offset a bottom-heavy facial structure. Avoid small circles, short square frames, or overly tall square frames that will accentuate your jaw without bringing width to the forehead area.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape

Broad forehead, large/sharp cheekbones and narrow chin

Embrace taller lenses with square frames to balance soft features or slightly rounded edges to complement a sharper chin. Avoid shorter frames and complete oval frames to prevent making your face feel top heavy or overly round.

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