How To Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Mask

Stay Safe Without Your Glasses Fogging Up

Wearing a protective mask in public requires some time to get used to, but the burden is especially high among those who wear prescription eyeglasses. One of the most common issues reported among new mask wearers is that their glasses are constantly fogging up. Your breath is warmer and more moist than the temperature of the room and your lens surface, so when you exhale it causes condensation. This accumulation of moisture droplets on your lenses causes them to fog up.

This problem is not just an inconvenience as it can also have serious short term and long term ramifications. Having fogged prescription eyeglasses can cause prolonged squinting and strain on your eyes, leading to tension and headaches. It can also impair your vision while walking or driving. Lastly, it prompts most peoples’ natural reactions to touch their face and wipe their glasses on their shirt or a non-sanitized piece of cloth before placing the glasses directly back on their face. This can be dangerous in public if you are not constantly sanitizing your hands after touching foreign surfaces, risking infection. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can drastically reduce, if not eliminate, your chance of eyeglass fog, all without spending a fortune on dubious anti-fog sprays or risking your health.

Washing Glasses With Soapy Water To Prevent Fogging Up

Wash Your Lenses With Soapy Water

A common solution among healthcare practitioners,  is through the use of simple hand soap and running water. After you have already washed your hands, wash your lenses with extra soapy water, allowing the suds to coat your lenses. You can either let your glasses air dry or gently pat them dry with a clean towel or soft non-abrasive cloth. After they are completely dry, you can test them and see if you need to wash them again with a greater amount of soap and less water diluting it. When executed correctly, your lenses should now be resistant to fogging up. NOTE: If your lenses have a special coating that you think may be compromised by the soap treatment, ask your eyewear professional or pursue a different approach.

Medical Tape For Mask To Prevent Glasses From Fogging

Use Medical Tape to Seal the Top of Your Mask

If you are worried about affecting the preexisting coating on your lenses with the soapy water or if you need an additional level of fog prevention for your daily life, you can apply a strip of non-irritating medical tape to the top of your mask in order to redirect your warm breath away from the top of the mask and towards the sides and bottom. This allows you to breath comfortably without fogging and obstructing your vision. Using lightweight medical tape ensures an easy application and painless removal. It is important to find non-irritating medical tape to make sure that you are not irritating the skin under your eyes, on your nose, or on your upper cheeks after frequent uses. Also, always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your mask and completing this process.


It’s crucial that you stay safe and continue wearing a mask at this time, and now you won’t need to sacrifice your vision or your comfort in order to do so. Trying either of these tips, or both in conjunction, could save you hours of squinting, lens wiping, and unnecessarily touching your face in public. Stay fog-free and stay safe.

Source Cited: Cleveland Clinic


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