The Safety Concerns of Driving with Outdated Prescription Glasses

Avoid Unnecessary Auto Accidents With Updated Prescription Eyeglasses

When you are on the road, your safety and your ability to effectively operate from behind the wheel is of paramount importance. You need to be able to see road signs, traffic lights, lane markings, and, most importantly, any pedestrians on the sidewalk or crosswalk. If you are nearsighted or farsighted, it’s crucial that you maintain an updated prescription to avoid any issues while driving. A quick and easy visit with your local eye care provider can help you with the following issues:

Driving At Night With a Proper Prescription & Anti-Glare Lens Coatings

Anyone with corrective vision knows the potential challenges of night driving, especially as they get older. The National Safety Council reports that a 50 year old driver may need twice as much light to see as a 30 year old. Night driving accidents affect all ages though. Even though there is 60% less traffic during this time, over 40% of all fatal car accidents occur at night. The best way to limit your struggles with the darkness is to ensure that your eyeglasses are up to date and that you can see as clearly as possible with low street lighting, fog, or rain that accompany late nights in New England. You could also consider getting an anti-glare coating on your prescription eyeglass lenses to lessen the impact of oncoming headlights and reduce the strain on your eyes. These are important elements to consider, especially if you spend more time driving at night than the average commuter.

Being Able To See During A New England Snow Storm

Every New England resident has been forced to commute during a low visibility snow and ice storm. During dangerous times like this, you need as clear vision and quick judgement as possible. If you are struggling to make out street signs and road markings during a sunny day, it is nearly impossible to navigate during a snow storm. Visit your eye doctor before driving in the next Nor’easter to ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and your fellow commuters.

Avoiding Fatigue & Reducing Eye Strain On A Long Drive

Having a weak or outdated prescription for your eyeglasses has been shown to cause eye strain and fatigue, especially during extended periods of concentrated effort like desk work or driving. Eye strain can result in headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, and even ocular migraines, all of which are dangerous to experience during extended driving sessions. Whether it’s struggling to navigate the signs in a busy downtown area or exhaustion from a long monotonous drive, the added stress on your eyes could lead to health issues or even heighten the risk of an accident. Maintaining an accurate eyeglasses prescription is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary eye strain and limit distractions and inhibitors on the road.

Protecting Your Depth Perception & Judgement

During any commute, you could find yourself in a quick turn of events that requires an instant response, whether it’s slamming on the breaks unexpectedly, swerving around an obstacle, or avoiding a car running a red light. City drivers have the added obstacle of impatient pedestrians jumping off the curb prematurely. If you don’t have an up-to-date eyeglass prescription, you may hesitate just long enough to miss your window to prevent a serious accident. To prevent these instances and ensure that you have proper depth perception when navigating traffic and pedestrians, visit your eye care professional regularly and maintain an accurate prescription for your eyeglasses.

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