5 Top Spring Prescription Eyeglass Trends for 2021

Get Ready For Summer Sports with Sports Glasses

From soccer to kayaking and everything in between, chances are you will be taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather and participating in some physical activities. While sports can often be intimidating for those with glasses, there is no reason they have to be. A pair of sports glasses can provide you with unprecedented clarity and safety when taking on the most heart-pumping summer sports. 

Safety First

Over 30,000 sports-related eye injuries occur annually. Your vision should not be sacrificed for a good time this summer, so consider the benefits of prescription sports glasses. While your regular eyeglasses might seem like they will suffice, they pose a risk with frames that might pop out, shatter, or otherwise cause more harm than good. Sports glasses are specifically designed to reduce this risk, with lenses that can withstand impact (polycarbonate tends to be the top option). The durability of sports glasses is unmatched, making sure your eyes are safe during the most intense summer sports.

The Importance of Visual Clarity

While it might go without saying, vision is vital for any sport. While some people might choose to simply go without glasses, any lack of visual clarity can hold you back. Sports require incredible hand-eye coordination, depth perception, quick visual reaction time, and more. Without prescription sports glasses, you might find yourself falling behind. Even if you have no current prescription, these glasses can provide the clarity and focus that you may need to come out on top. Tinting and polarization can keep things clear and help keep your head in the game.

The Best Fit for You

Different options are best suited for different sports. Glasses are best matched with sports like tennis, soccer, and baseball, as this is where you are most likely to encounter eye injuries. A wide variety of frame styles ensure that your look will remain indistinguishable while keeping your eyes safe and your vision intact. At Gordon, we even offer helmet-compatible options, so your perfect look can be achieved.

On the other end of things, sports like swimming and hockey are better paired with goggles. These accomplish the same feats as sports glasses but offer the benefit of staying in place and keeping water, dirt, debris, and everything else out. These enable you to take on sports that regular glasses would not be able to handle, ensuring your vision never gets in the way of what you love.

Gordon optical has you covered for your sports glasses needs, with an expansive catalog of lenses, frames, and UV protection options. With many discreet and fashionable options, choose Gordon this summer.

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