Tips and Advice For Keeping Your Prescription Glasses in Great Condition During This Summer

Your eyeglasses are extremely important for your summer fun, allowing you to enjoy the sights and participate in fun summer activities. Whether you are using sunglasses, sports glasses, or any other option, the following care tips can help keep your vision clear and your beautiful new pair of glasses in excellent condition this season.

Washing Your Prescription Glasses the Right Way

Throughout the summer, you might notice a steady build-up of things like pollen, dust, and sand on your lenses. Much like anything else you wear, your prescription glasses need to be washed regularly. A simple thirty-second wash could make the difference between clear and cloudy vision. It’s important first to wash your hands, to avoid further dirtying your glasses. Once your hands are properly clean, simply wash some warm (not hot!) water over the glasses to wipe away any grime, dirt, and dust. Never rub the lenses, as these miscellaneous particles can leave behind minor scratches or streaks that might prove challenging to get rid of later on. 

After your prescription glasses have been rinsed off, wipe them with a clean microfiber cloth. It is important to use microfiber, as it helps cut back on the risk of scratching the lenses. If you want to take it a step further, a simple cleaning solution can help clear things up (a single drop of dish soap or a lens specific cleaning solution). If you’re finding that your lenses have streaks, canned air can help eliminate this issue while still keeping your prescription glasses in pristine condition. Always avoid using paper towels and tissues, as these options can cause minor scratches to develop. While these options might seem effective at first, they can lead to serious problems later on.

How to Properly Clean Your Frames

Once the lenses have been cleaned, it’s time to take care of your frames. With the summer heat, you’ll likely find your frames are dirtier than ever. Sweat and more will collect on the frames over time, making the frames dirty and potentially hazardous to your health. Since you likely wear your glasses regularly, it is a smart idea to keep the frames (which constantly touch your skin) as clean as possible to avoid potential dermatological issues. 

Similar to the lenses, warm water is your best bet for cleaning the frames. Mild soap will help get rid of the germs and build-up while rubbing alcohol can take care of the nose pads and earpieces. Cleaning difficult spots like hinges and screws can also help, though it is unnecessary to address these spots every time. 

Keep Your Prescription Glasses Safe and Protected

With summer comes travel, beaches, and more exciting days. It’s important never to throw your prescription eyeglasses into a bag or leave them out unprotected. The best option is always a hard-shell case, which will keep the glasses safe and secure from other objects, falling, and more potential hazards. While other cases might look nicer, it is always important to consider functionality over appearance. 

If you’re considering a new pair of prescription glasses to make the most of your summer, check out our many options for all your needs. From sunglasses to sports glasses and everything in between, Gordon Optical has you covered. Contact us to learn more about available styles and options and find the best fit for you!

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