A Wide Variety of Options For The Season

With the summer season drawing to a close, fashion trends are once again shifting. Autumn always brings new styles and preferences, and this upcoming season will certainly be no exception. Glasses are included in this change, as prescription eyeglass trends have already begun to shift to reflect the time of year we are rapidly approaching. While certain styles and trends might fit certain people and personalities better than others, it is ultimately up to the individual to find what makes them the happiest. With the right frames, lenses, and approach, any style can become your own!

Finding Your Perfect Frames

As autumn will likely see a continued rise in vintage and retro styles, now is the perfect time to find self-expression in your eyeglass choices. While prescription eyeglass trends might come and go, it is key to consider what looks best for you in general. Face shape plays a major role in which glasses tend to look best, though keep in mind that any style can suit any person. Never be afraid to try something new

For those with round or oval-shaped faces, we recommend trying out some geometric lenses. Squares and rectangles tend to complement this facial structure best, making the face appear longer and more balanced. This falls in line with current prescription eyeglass trends, where larger geometric shapes are being favored this season. While many might assume these have fallen out of style, recently there has been a rise in popularity for these retro styles. With a variety of frame thicknesses and sizes, this trend is one that you can really make your own.

On the other hand, if you have a more square facial structure, oval/round glasses could be a perfect fit for you. Again this will help balance things out, softening any harsh angles and bringing out your best features. Luckily, current prescription eyeglass trends favor this popular 70’s style. It is important to find the best size for your facial structure with round frames, so check out some of our offerings and fall in love with your new pair.

Popular Fall Colors

As with other types of fashion, prescription eyeglass trends favor warmer colors in the fall seasons. This includes brown, gold, honey, and beige. Colder colors, like blues and greens, can also work as a contrast to the fall foliage. It is ultimately up to what you are looking for from your eyeglasses, whether you want them to compliment the season and the rest of your outfit, or stand out more and attract attention. Both options are excellent and can make for a unique appearance. Additionally, lenses with a fall color (think yellows and oranges) have seen a rise in popularity. Not only do these colors complement the season, but with proper tinting, they can even protect your eyes from harsh blue light. 

With a new season comes new prescription eyeglass trends. Luckily, here at Gordon Optical, we carry a wide variety of options. You will certainly find an option that updates your look for the upcoming season, keeping you modern, updated, and enjoying your eyeglasses. Get in contact today to hear more about what we have to offer, or visit us in person to try out some options!

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