How Your Prescription Can Keep You Safe

With over 2 million annual eye injuries in America alone, eye protection continues to be of the utmost importance. With prescription safety glasses, you can help keep your eyes safe, both inside the workplace and out. Today we will take a look at how prescription safety glasses compare to standard prescription glasses, as well as how they can successfully protect your eyes and your vision. With this protection alone, you can prevent around 90% of eye injuries.

What Causes Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are extremely common, and can result from a nearly limitless amount of situations. While a vast majority occur in the workplace, with more frequent hazards (tools, chemicals, labor, and projectiles), injuries can happen anywhere. Everyday tasks, like handling chemicals or any manual labor (hammering, sanding, and more) can produce harmful projectiles. Whether it be a simple splash of bleach, or wood shavings, all sorts of elements can enter your eyes in an instant. Even smaller things, like dusty and windy environments can lead to similar injuries. With prescription safety glasses, these types of concerns can be eliminated.

How Prescription Safety Glasses Work

Many initially (and incorrectly) assume their standard prescription glasses will suffice in these types of situations. However, prescription safety glasses offer some necessary benefits that will protect your eyes. Safety glasses offer a much higher level of resistance, because everyday prescriptions simply need to be impact resistant. Safety eyeglass frames are also composed of much stronger materials than the average pair of eyeglasses, offering scratch-resistance and a much lower chance of breaking/shattering. The frames are also composed of sturdy materials, preventing many of the typical situations where glasses may become damaged. High-impact frames are also offered, taking things one step further.

Keeping Your Eyes Safe

While your prescription safety glasses will offer some much-needed protection, following some basic precautions can prove extremely helpful. When entering a hazardous area (especially at the workplace), always switch to your safety glasses. Many will simply forgo switching, whether it be because they forget or because they would prefer to wear their current sunglasses/eyeglasses. Additionally, prescription safety glasses should be used over contact lenses. Keeping your vision safe should be your main priority in these situations. 

Prescription safety glasses can make a huge difference in your everyday life, offering some necessary protection while still providing style and flawless vision. If you are interested in hearing more about our offerings, get in contact with our vision experts and see what we have to offer. You can also visit us in person to find your perfect fit!



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