Making Positive Changes For Better Eye Care

While many suffer from eye strain on a regular basis, eye care is still a frequently overlooked aspect of overall physical health. With this in mind, the new year is the perfect time to focus on your eyes and implement new strategies that will quickly become habits. Following some of our recommendations and keeping certain things in mind can keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Avoiding Strain in Everyday Life

The most important aspect of avoiding eye strain is finding ways to relieve your eyes throughout the day. There are a variety of methods available, so it is best to focus on those that suit your situation. Starting with the simplest option, taking breaks throughout the day can greatly relieve any strain. Whether you are at work or enjoying leisure activities, taking occasional breaks and resting your eyes can help maintain eye health. Beyond this, you can go an additional step and adjust the lighting in your space. Having a softly lit room will make many tasks easier on your eyes, such as watching television or even reading. Having the light positioned behind you will also reduce direct exposure, which can prove harmful in the long run.

Additionally, poor air quality could be causing unexpected harm to your eyes. Dry air is the biggest enemy, drying out your eyes and causing problems for you later in life. Humidifiers and artificial tears can help combat this, keeping your eyes lubricated throughout the day.

Eye Care & Technology

Technology is one of the most common sources of eye strain, and can even lead to more serious problems later in life. While the same tips apply, there are more specific suggestions and recommendations that can benefit you. When taking a break, use the 20-20-20 rule. This is the idea that every 20 minutes, you should take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away. This gives your eyes a break from the screen, allowing them to readjust and focus on something new. As a general rule, your computer should be at least an arm’s length away. Additionally, adjusting font size, brightness, contrast, and more to maximize visual clarity can greatly benefit your eyes. Making these changes and starting fresh for the year can be an excellent move and push you towards safer practices.

Clean & Care For Your Eyewear

Keeping your eyeglasses clear of fog and debris is an excellent way to reduce strain. Basic cleaning methods should be implemented on a regular basis, reducing the chance for damage and further eye strain. Use warm water and soft cotton when cleaning your eyeglasses, and always store them in a hard case. Avoid placing your eyeglasses with the lenses down, as this can cause scratching and similar issues. Lenses that are damaged or oriented incorrectly will result in straining, so make sure to take care of your prescription. 

Update Your Eyeglass Prescription

Staying up-to-date on your eyeglass prescription is very important, as your vision changes over time. This means that your current prescription may not be the best fit, leading to additional eye strain and other similar issues (headaches, squinting, and more). As your eyes are working harder to compensate for the mismatched prescription, your strain symptoms will worsen. We suggest getting your vision checked frequently (at least annually), keeping your eyeglass prescription updated. Similarly, new eyeglasses can cause issues – though this will subside with time, assuming the prescription is correct.

Eyestrain is a serious issue, and taking steps to reduce it in the new year could make for a far healthier and safer year for you and your eyes. Everybody could benefit from taking eye care more seriously, and hopefully these steps make a difference in your year.

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