The Many Benefits of Transitions Lenses 

Constantly having to switch between standard prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses can quickly become a tedious process, and many simply stick with one option and endure the consequences. While this might be convenient, it is also straining for your eyes and negatively impacts your visual clarity. With Transitions lenses, this situation is entirely eliminated. These lenses adapt to your current environment, dimming when exposed to brighter UV light, and returning to their default look in darker areas. Find out more about how these lenses work, available options, and discover why you should consider switching your current lenses.

How These Lenses Work

Transitions brand utilizes photochromic lenses, an advanced type of lens that contains trillions of photochromic molecules. These molecules allow the lenses to instantly darken when exposed to the UV light of the sun, and revert to normal when necessary. The brighter the sunlight, the more the lenses respond, keeping your eyes protected and your vision as clear as possible. Many options are available courtesy of Transitions, from lines that activate indoors (Transitions XTRActive and Transitions Vantage) to lines of sunglasses. Transitions takes this technology further than others in the industry with patents that enable the formula to be integrated with the lens surface, either through imbibing (the photochromic dye is merged with the lens) or Trans-Bonding (dye on the lens surface). Both options lead to the same tint and excellent performance.

Options For Frames & Coatings

With Transitions lenses, frames are never a concern as they work with virtually any style/material – from rimless to full frames, and everything in between. Additionally, coatings are still possible. Whether you are interested in anti-scratch or anti-fog, these coatings will never impact the photochromic molecules and their ability to operate. When combined with anti-reflective coatings, you might even find that Transitions lenses are far better at reducing distractions and glare. These lenses offer all the typical customization options and benefits of standard lenses, all while providing additional benefits not found elsewhere.

Who Can Wear Transitions Lenses

These lenses can truly be worn by anybody, and are even more beneficial for children – who are exposed to far more UV light on a regular basis than adults. Certain options also cater to certain lifestyles, such as sunglasses for more outdoorsy types and Transitions Drivewear for drivers. The latter combines the preexisting technology with polarization, eliminating bothersome glares and keeping you safer on the roads. Additionally, there is no prescription required for many options, making this brand incredibly approachable and versatile for any eyeglasses wearer.

With Transitions lenses, you never have to worry about how light impacts your vision or the need to carry around a second pair of eyeglasses. The patented technology and production techniques make Transitions the perfect supplier of photochromic lenses. Interested in trying these lenses, or hearing more about our current options? Contact Gordon Optical today to hear more about Transitions lenses. We cannot wait to find the right lenses for you and your needs.



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