The Method to Selecting The Best Eyeglass Style For You

Choosing eyeglasses is an incredibly complex process, and unlike a shirt or pair of shoes, most do not change their eyeglasses on a daily basis. Your chosen eyeglass style is something you will be wearing every day, likely without interruption. In order to select the best option for your preferences, as well as something that will be suitable for a variety of situations, we offer the following guide to selecting the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Fitting Eyeglass Frames

Frame styles have come and gone throughout the years, and there are more varieties available now than ever before. While having options is excellent, this makes the process of deciding on your eyeglass style far more difficult. It is typically recommended that you select a style that contrasts your face’s natural shape. For example, if you have a sharper jawline and more angular features, a pair of rounder glasses may be the ideal choice. Similarly, if you have a more rounded face, frames with sharp edges could perfectly compliment you. Trying on a wide range of frames can quickly show you what works and what doesn’t, helping you further narrow down your options.

A Wide Array of Colors

Finding the right color to suit your eyeglass style can be a difficult process to navigate, with many options available from basic tones to complex patterns. We recommend that you take the time to try different colors to see what matches your personality and style best. It is also common to find something that compliments your skin tone and hair color, finding a color that perfectly flatters your face. Black frames tend to be a reliable option for everybody, remaining neutral and easily paired with a variety of clothing. Despite this, you should never feel confined to certain colors, as it is ultimately up to what fits your preferences. Always factor in your own personality when selecting an eyeglass style.

Lenses For Your Lifestyle

While many may initially assume that lens style is unimportant, this is likely the most important part of choosing a pair of eyeglasses. There are a wide variety of materials available, from lightweight options to thicker options. From bifocal lenses to Transitions Lenses, Gordon Optical can find the perfect lenses for you and your preferences. Finding the right option to match your lifestyle is extremely important, as the right lenses can make life much easier. 

Finding the right eyeglass style can be a complicated process, as many different styles and colors are constantly entering the market. By factoring in your preferences, contrasts as well as compliments, you will be able to narrow down your options. Ultimately what you select should best suit your personality, but many factors can help streamline the selection process.

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