Classic Cat-Eyes

Cat-eye frames have always been popular, adding a splash of personality to your frames without being excessive. However, this style has truly taken off in 2022 and become a favorite for many wearers. The playful nature of this frame provides a bit of fun to any look, while never overpowering the rest of your style. The added benefit is that this frame style has become incredibly versatile, with options ranging from incredibly bold to basic and simple. Colors can also help tone down or enhance this frame style, so this is a spring eyeglass style to keep a close eye on.

Square & Angular Frames

As you may have noticed, angular frames have once again entered the mainstream. With many celebrities choosing square frames this season, they are one of the most discussed styles. With square/angular frames, thick styles tend to be preferred by many. These oversized frames give off an elegant retro look, easily enhancing any style. Looking for something a bit more understated? Rounded edges can help, while still giving you the angular style you are looking for. Find the right frame thickness, and you will surely impress.

This Season’s Colors

With the change in seasons comes a change in color palette, and for this year’s spring eyeglass trends, colors are certainly in. Bold bright colors have overtaken understated options, as people have been seeking ways to express their individuality and give off positive energy. Individuals at any age can pull off this style, and a wide range of colors means you can find the perfect fit for yourself. 

The other popular choice is tortoise-shell frames, a classic style that still adds some flair. Options range from conservative and simple, to bold and exciting. Try a variety of patterns and colors to find the one that suits you best for this upcoming spring season.

Go Translucent

Change things up this year by going translucent. Translucent frames are available in a variety of colors, adding a refreshed energy to your spring style. Softer tones, like lavender and light blues, will perfectly compliment this style. However, experimenting a bit can help you find the right fit for your personality.

With spring eyeglass trends, you can find the right fit with ease. Whether you choose to go big and bold this season, or reserved but eye-catching, you will surely find something that excites. Check out Gordon Optical to find the right spring eyeglasses!

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