Best Lens Cleaning Methods

Even with millions of Americans wearing prescription eyeglasses on a daily basis, basic cleaning is still a mystery to many. The summer season brings with it outdoor adventures, pollen, and many more potential hazards for your glasses. You will likely find your glasses dirtier than they are in other seasons, so taking extra care in your cleaning methods is very important. One great cleaning option is to wash them with a liquid hand soap (one without moisturizer, as this could make matters worse). Afterwards, wash the eyeglasses under warm water and use a soft lint-free cloth to dry them off.

There are also cleaning methods you should avoid. For example, never wipe your lenses when they are dry. On top of this, you shouldn’t try cleaning with saliva or through exhaling. Both of these “easy” solutions can actually further damage your prescription eyeglasses, and both do not work very well in general.

Preventing Scratches

The next focus for your summer eyeglass care process should be on how to prevent scratches. While many people store their glasses in cases, this is often forgotten about when lounging by the pool or making the most of a warm day. Instead of placing your glasses on the table, make sure you always have a case nearby. Leaving a spare one in your car can also make this more of a habit. While you might assume your glasses will be fine left outside of a case, any mistake can lead to costly damages. If you have to leave your eyeglasses out, leave them with the lenses facing up (with both sides opened out).

Frame Treatment

While your lenses are extremely important, your frames are just as vital to the overall condition and usability of your glasses. One key part of summer eyeglass care is to avoid leaving your glasses in your vehicle. While this might be fine in the winter, the heat of summer will turn your car into a furnace. Your frames can quickly begin to warp and loosen, especially plastic frames. This is common with prescription sunglasses, as many will simply leave them on the dashboard instead of putting them away properly.

Frame Cleaning Methods

Frame cleaning is another important step, as during summer, sweat can cause your frames to get oily. This step also greatly benefits your overall personal hygiene, keeping your skin cleaner throughout the season. The same process for cleaning lenses applies, though you should also use a moist towelette to clean the earpieces and nose pads.  

Make the most of your summer by following these summer eyeglass care tips, and keep your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses safe throughout the season. If you are looking for a new pair, Gordon Optical has the right choices for your personality.

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