Summer is finally here, and many are excited to make the most of the upcoming months. Whether you are looking forward to traveling, capitalizing on the beautiful weather, or simply enjoying some beachside relaxation, it is important to keep your eyewear in mind. With the change in seasons comes many questions for contact lens owners, as there are many differences between them and regular prescription eyewear. Luckily, Gordon Optical is here to break down the frequently asked questions regarding summer contact lens usage. 

Can I Swim in Contact Lenses?

While you might be tempted to dive right into your pool or make the most of the beach, it is recommended that you DO NOT swim in contact lenses. Chlorinated pools are the perfect hotspot for organisms that cause issues with eyesight, an especially common occurrence for those who wear contact lenses in warm water. For this reason, it’s also advised that you avoid wearing your contacts while showering. If you insist on keeping your contacts in while swimming, tight fitting goggles and swimwear can significantly reduce the risk, so if you are hitting the water anytime soon, be sure you come equipped.

Can I Wear Them Overnight?

Sleeping on the beach or in a hammock may be the perfect summertime activity for some, but whether there or in bed, we recommend that you DO NOT forget to take out your contact lenses prior to sleeping. Sleeping in contact lenses will increase your risk of infection by around 6-8 times. This only increases in windy or sandy environments, like the beach. If you decide to get some shuteye along the shore, remove your contacts and either dispose of them or store them safely.

What About Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are more than just a fashionable accessory, as they are vital for the sunny months ahead. While many may have prescription sunglasses, the convenience of contact lenses may cause some to hesitate. Luckily, sunglasses can be worn in combination with contact lenses. In this case, it would be best to stick with standard sunglasses (no prescription), to avoid messing with your eyesight. This allows you to quickly take off or put on sunglasses without worrying about your eyesight. Otherwise, you can flip the script, taking your contact lenses out to use your prescription sunglasses.

Can I Wear Them in Heat For Long Periods of Time?

It is not recommended that you use contact lenses for extended periods of time, as they can eventually alter the way your eyes operate. It is a great idea to break up your week or month by slipping in normal prescription eyeglasses occasionally, and this is especially true for the summer. Additionally, it would be beneficial to use rewetting drops often. Drier air can cause irritation and increase your risk of infections and more. These drops help keep your eyes healthy and hydrated.

Make the most of your summer with these summer contact lens care tips. Keep these tips in mind and avoid making potentially harmful mistakes, like swimming or sleeping in your contacts. For more advice and to shop for contacts lenses, consult Gordon Optical. We are always here to assist you!

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