Sports related eye injuries are incredibly common and affect thousands of people (adults and children) annually. With sports eyewear, you can prevent many of the common eye injuries and make it through the upcoming season unharmed. Check out some of our recommendations and guidelines for this variety of eyewear, and see what makes it so important to keep in mind before you hit the field/court.

Why Wear Sports Glasses?

Many eyeglass wearers choose to ignore the importance of sports glasses, as they assume they will be fine. While your current prescription can handle daily use, the physical demands and risk of sports can break them in no time. And while you might think you can simply go without glasses, many common eye injuries happen during sports. Things like cornea scratches, iris inflammation, eye socket fractures, and much more can happen without warning. Safety and health organizations throughout the world have agreed on the importance of sports glasses, and with Gordon Optical you can find the right fit for you.

Types of Sports Glasses

Standard Frames: While they may appear similar to regular eyeglass frames, sports frames utilize a much more high-quality and durable material, ensuring they are ready to resist high-speed impact. These frames are built to last and to protect your eyes from any potential injuries. The lenses themselves are typically composed of polycarbonate, meaning they will not shatter or easily break upon impact.

Goggles: Sports goggles help protect your eyes in a very similar manner, but sit much closer to the face and are secured with a strap or band. Ultimately both accomplish the same purpose, but the appearance and fit will be different. It is ultimately up to personal preference of the wearer which works best, so we recommend trying out both.

Recommendations for Specific Sports

For many of the more common fall sports, such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and more, either sports frames or goggles can work. However, for sports that require helmets (baseball, football), googles may be the best fit. Since they fit closer to your face, you will experience less trouble and increased comfort. With more casual sports, like cycling or track and field, it is again left up to the wearer which works best.

With sports eyewear, you can keep your eyes safe this season. Stop by Gordon Optical to find the right fit for you, whether you prefer goggles or frames.

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