As the seasons change, so do the eyeglass trends which typically favor new shapes and colors to best suit the time of year. With autumn eyeglass trends, there are always a few consistent suggestions. But for this year in particular, we have rounded up some of the best tips and trends to keep in mind.

Classic Patterns

As is to be expected of fashion as a whole, many classic trends have come back into style recently. Patterns, namely tortoise prints, have become a favorite for many eyeglass wearers. These patterns are neutral, fitting perfectly with any wardrobe and personality. They also have an inherent warmness to them, pairing well with the colors and coolness of the season ahead. With a variety of patterns and color options, we recommend trying out a few to find the perfect fit for your unique style.

Autumn Colors

Each season brings different colors, from the bright yellows and blues of summer to the whites and grays of winter. Fall is the perfect time to try out some new colors in your prescription eyeglasses, from olive greens to neutral blacks. Both of these have been very popular this season and will only be popping up more. Both provide a very neutral look and earthy touch to any outfit or personal style. Luckily, modern eyeglasses offer a range of colors that offer similar benefits/looks. So if these trendy colors do not resonate for you, you can still find the right fit for your autumn look.

Going Sporty

Mostly thanks to celebrities, many sleeker “sporty” styles are in fashion this season. Any type of person can pull off this look, with a range of styles and colors to suit just about anybody. If you are looking for a cleaner and fresher look this fall, give sporty glasses a try.

Frame Sizes & Styles

For this autumn, round eyeglass frames have been very popular. These frames are cool and bold, creating a naturally striking appearance for just about any wearer. They serve to soften and enhance facial features, and pair well with any outfit for the season. If you would prefer to go in a different direction, large angular frames are also popular too.

Keep in mind that the best frame shapes and styles will depend heavily on your own facial structure. For example, those with round faces will likely find the angular frames suit them better. While this is not universal, it is best to keep in mind. For autumn eyeglass trends, as with any other time of year, always seek to find something that makes you comfortable and matches your unique style.

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