Many people underestimate the prevalence of eye injuries, and the overall importance of eye health. While some may assume they are not at risk, the overwhelming amount of eye injuries say otherwise. With over 2,000 eye injuries daily in the U.S alone, your eyesight could very likely be at risk. While many of these are treated within the emergency room, some can result in many days of recovery – or permanent damage to your eyes/loss of vision. In order to prevent these injuries, prescription safety eyewear is here to keep you and your eyes safe.

Situations Where Safety Glasses Are Beneficial

Under OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employers are required to provide safety options when employees are exposed to the risk of eye injuries. For example, electricians, welders, construction, and medical personnel can all be considered at risk. In situations where machinery/equipment does not account for the risk of eye injuries, these employees should be equipped with the proper safety eyewear. This will greatly reduce the risk of eye injuries.

Outside of employment, safety eyewear can be incredibly useful in hobbies where eye injuries can potentially occur. From sports to any activities that expose you to things like dust and chemicals, safety eyewear can keep your eyes safe and healthy.

What Makes Prescription Safety Eyewear Special

Safety eyeglasses are vastly different from typical prescription eyeglasses. The primary difference between the two is the material, as safety eyewear is composed of a much stronger material that can withstand far more damage than typical eyewear. This material, also used in things like jet windshields, will not easily crack, fracture, or shatter. While normal eyeglasses may seem durable, they can not take nearly the same level of damage. Additionally, cracks/broken eyeglasses can cause even more damage. Safety eyewear also provides full coverage, protecting your eyes in their entirety.

Additional Precautions to Take

Beyond just wearing these eyeglasses, you should also be aware of the following. For one, wearing regular glasses under safety eyewear is not recommended. This does not allow the safety eyewear to rest naturally, or to properly protect your eyes. This is why prescriptions are offered, eliminating this situation. Additionally, you should always wear safety eyewear even when you are not necessarily the one at an immediate risk. For example, if you are overseeing the operation of hazardous machinery, safety eyewear can still serve to protect you should something happen causing airborne material.

With our safety glass options, you can be sure that your eyes are properly protected. To get started on finding the right fit for your situation, contact the experts at Gordon Optical today to learn more.

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