Sunglasses are a common type of eyewear for individuals throughout spring and summer since many associate them with the warmer seasons. Even though you may find yourself outside more frequently during these seasons, the sun poses just as much of a threat in the winter – if not more of one. Here are some of the top reasons why prescription sunglasses are crucial to keeping your eyes protected and safe in the colder seasons.

Reduce Exposure to UV Light & More

With winter comes snow, and New England is no stranger to high (and frequent) amounts of snowfall. While many don’t make the connection, snow can actually reflect the sunlight and pose even more of a threat with side effects such as blurry vision, eye pain, and even increased sensitivity to light. The risk for UV radiation and even sunburn still exists throughout the winter, and the brightness/reflectivity of the snow can serve to worsen this problem.

Improved & Consistent Vision

Prescription sunglasses are key for your vision throughout the year, shielding your vision from glare and more. Wearing sunglasses while driving, participating in winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and more), or simply walking outdoors can help you maintain a clear line of sight. As mentioned, the snow reflects a vast majority of the sun’s UV light – which can temporarily blind you. Stay focused and maintain your vision with a pair of new prescription sunglasses.

Protect Your Eyes With Ease

Prescription sunglasses serve to keep your eyes shielded from airborne snow, ice, and even freezing winds. Protective goggles can also accomplish a similar purpose, and are especially useful when participating in things like winter sports. Goggles go above and beyond, protecting your eyes with an air-tight seal. Keep your eyes safe throughout the winter with correctly fitting prescription sunglasses.

Reduce the Risk of Eye Diseases

Eye diseases are a common and frequent problem for many across the globe, but there are steps to take to reduce the risk. Photokeratitis, or snow blindness, can cause things like burnt corneas and conjunctiva. Things like pain, eye redness, headaches, and more are signs that this condition has become a serious concern. Luckily, prescription sunglasses help lessen glare and reduce UV rays. 

With high-quality prescription sunglasses, your eyes will be safe throughout the winter. Get started with the excellent options at Gordon Optical, and discover the right fit for your winter adventures.

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