Just like all types of fashion, eyeglass trends come and go – constantly evolving to reflect current tastes and preferences. Let’s explore some of the current eyeglass trends to help you find your ideal pair of eyeglasses for this upcoming season, preparing you to look better than ever.

Modern Cat Eye/Harlequin Frames

If you’re looking for a reliable yet modern option, consider trying cat eye frames. By highlighting your brow arches, these frames draw attention to the highest points of your face, enhancing your facial features. For 2023, expect to see these frames refreshed and kept modern through changes in scale, finish, or the addition of contrasting metallic accents. We look forward to seeing how this classic continues to remain relevant.

Oval/Circular Frames

Oval frames are making a comeback as one of the top current eyeglass trends. This time you will find these frames in a wide range of colors. Keeping in line with the vibrant colors that dominate 2023 fashion trends, these eyeglasses bring a pop of color to your look with ease. Oval frames are particularly well-suited for diamond-shaped faces, characterized by full cheeks and a narrow forehead/jawline. If you have a longer face, the narrower framed style can help balance your facial proportions.

Rounded Corners

While 2022 favored heavy square and rectangular frames, the eyeglass trends for 2023 soften these shapes with rounded corners. Angular-edged frames still provide definition to rounder faces, but this change offers a more versatile look that suits a variety of facial features. Alternative bridge/hinge designs, combined with unusual angles, create a distinct appearance. This eyewear trend allows wearers to express their personalities in a new way.

Geometric Eyeglasses

For those looking to make a statement, geometric eyeglasses are the right choice, especially when paired with unique frame shapes. Geometric shapes are an evolution of oversized angular frames, providing an unique silhouette. Expect to see wider rims and bold colors that inject personality into your eyewear, allowing you to truly express yourself and your unique style.

Seventies-Inspired Options

The seventies continue to be a significant source of inspiration for fashion trends in 2023, and prescription eyeglasses have not been left behind. Popular frame shapes such as aviators and oversized round frames are rising in popularity, along with the return of tinted lenses. Not only do oversized frames provide unique style, but they also offer an uninterrupted line of vision.

With new twists on classic frames, as well as a constantly increasing range of colors and sizes, eyeglass trends are always shifting. Visit Gordon Optical to stay on top of current eyeglass trends, and find the right fit today.

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