With autumn’s arrival and fall sports underway, many kids are looking forward to a season filled with competition. Whether it’s football on Friday nights, soccer matches on the weekend, or even hockey, there are options for every type of athlete. To make the most of the season, clear vision and eye safety should be a top priority. Luckily, Gordon Optical offers prescription sports glasses for players of all ages.

A Wide Array of Frame Styles

One of the greatest benefits of fall sports glasses is the wide variety of frame styles available. At Gordon Optical, we understand that preferences vary, so we aim to offer styles for any athlete. From discrete classic styles to bolder options, we have a vast collection of sports glasses. As with any prescription eyeglasses, style is important to ensure comfort and a desire to actually wear the glasses – especially with kids. 

Clear Vision and Optimal Performance

Sports lenses can be matched with a current prescription, similar to prescription sunglasses. By matching a prescription, you can ensure seamless integration between fall sports glasses and regular prescription eyeglasses so that visual clarity is never sacrificed. Please remember to always keep prescriptions updated for the best vision possible.

Helmet-Compatible Options

For sports that require helmets/additional safety precautions, Gordon Optical offers helmet-compatible eyeglass options. This is a great choice for things like football, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. The glasses fit comfortably under a helmet, ensuring comfort and security. This means that your child can fully enjoy their favorite sports without discomfort or safety concerns.

Protecting Your Eyes from Harmful UV Rays

Fall might bring cooler weather, but the sun still poses a threat for overall vision/eye health. Luckily, fall sports glasses can be customized with UV protection. This ensures your child’s eyes are protected from the sun’s harmful rays, reducing the risk of future eye damage and ensuring they can enjoy their favorite sports for years to come. We also offer clear and color coatings, allowing for additional customization.

From seasoned athletes to beginners, prescription fall sports glasses can make a huge difference in performance. Combining safety and comfort, these glasses are perfect for kids and young adults – ensuring their vision isn’t compromised or at risk. If you or a loved one are gearing up for an exciting season of fall sports, come visit Gordon Optical today. We have the right sports glasses for any and all sports.

Sources: American Academy of Opthamology

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