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2403, 2021

Prescription Contact Lens Care & Tips For Spring Allergies

Reduce Pollen Exposure & Irritated Eyes This Season The official start of Spring is when most New Englanders rejoice as they put away their snow shovels and rock salt until next Winter. This is a different story for allergy sufferers, however, as this shift represents the beginning

1502, 2021

The Safety Concerns of Driving with Outdated Prescription Glasses

Avoid Unnecessary Auto Accidents With Updated Prescription Eyeglasses When you are on the road, your safety and your ability to effectively operate from behind the wheel is of paramount importance. You need to be able to see road signs, traffic lights, lane markings, and, most importantly, any

2201, 2021

Proper Contact Lens Care

Best Steps For Preventing Irritation & Eye Damage From Contact Lens Neglect Eyesight is arguably the most important sense to human beings and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Contact lenses offer a convenient option for those who want a discreet corrective lens to

2312, 2020

The Importance of Updating Eyeglass & Contacts Prescriptions

Avoid Eye Fatigue By Updating Your Eyeglass Prescription A common issue with eyeglass and contact lens owners is the neglect of their prescription. There are many symptoms and consequences that come with treating your eyesight as something trivial that can be put off. Whether it is a

2011, 2020

Avoiding Digital Eye Strain & Blue Light Exposure

Steps To Avoid Eye Strain Caused By Prolonged Screen Time In our society, it seems impossible to escape staring at a screen for the majority of our waking hours. In fact, many jobs involve using a computer or touch screen during the work day. Much leisure time

2210, 2020

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Child’s Eyeglasses

Identifying the Right Prescription Eyeglasses For Your Child Correcting and protecting your child's vision as they grow up is an important responsibility. When a child needs glasses, they require a set of lenses that are the right shape and size for their eyes. They need a secure

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