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1105, 2023

Spring Eyeglass Care Tips

Prescription eyeglasses are an essential for many people, providing them with the ability to see clearly and perform their daily activities. However, without proper care and maintenance, eyeglasses can quickly become scratched or broken, causing discomfort and costly repairs/replacements. Discover some of our featured spring eyeglass care

3003, 2023

Spring Eye Allergies & Glasses: What You Should Know

1. Avoid Allergens To avoid spring eye allergies it's important to take basic steps to limit your exposure. You can start by checking the pollen levels outdoors as part of your routine, cleaning your home more frequently, and keeping your windows closed to reduce pollen levels. Changing

2302, 2023

How Prescription Sunglasses Will Keep You Safe This Winter

Sunglasses are a common type of eyewear for individuals throughout spring and summer since many associate them with the warmer seasons. Even though you may find yourself outside more frequently during these seasons, the sun poses just as much of a threat in the winter - if

3012, 2022

Safety Eyewear and Why You May Need It

Many people underestimate the prevalence of eye injuries, and the overall importance of eye health. While some may assume they are not at risk, the overwhelming amount of eye injuries say otherwise. With over 2,000 eye injuries daily in the U.S alone, your eyesight could very likely

411, 2022

Autumn Eyeglass Trends

As the seasons change, so do the eyeglass trends which typically favor new shapes and colors to best suit the time of year. With autumn eyeglass trends, there are always a few consistent suggestions. But for this year in particular, we have rounded up some of the

2009, 2022

Sports Eyewear and Fall Sports That Need Them

Sports related eye injuries are incredibly common and affect thousands of people (adults and children) annually. With sports eyewear, you can prevent many of the common eye injuries and make it through the upcoming season unharmed. Check out some of our recommendations and guidelines for this variety

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