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1508, 2022

Prescription Eyeglasses & Driving: Tips to Stay Safe

Looking to take a scenic road trip this summer? Or maybe even just making the most of the beautiful weather? Before you set out on the road, you should consider how your prescription eyeglasses and/or prescription sunglasses impact  your driving abilities. Today we’ll take a look at

707, 2022

Summer Contact Lens Questions

Summer is finally here, and many are excited to make the most of the upcoming months. Whether you are looking forward to traveling, capitalizing on the beautiful weather, or simply enjoying some beachside relaxation, it is important to keep your eyewear in mind. With the change in

206, 2022

Summer Eyeglass Care Tips

Best Lens Cleaning Methods Even with millions of Americans wearing prescription eyeglasses on a daily basis, basic cleaning is still a mystery to many. The summer season brings with it outdoor adventures, pollen, and many more potential hazards for your glasses. You will likely find your glasses

305, 2022

Spring Eyeglass Trends You Should Know

Classic Cat-Eyes Cat-eye frames have always been popular, adding a splash of personality to your frames without being excessive. However, this style has truly taken off in 2022 and become a favorite for many wearers. The playful nature of this frame provides a bit of fun to

404, 2022

Epos Eyewear

About Epos Eyewear Epos Eyewear is a recent addition to the expansive catalog of eyeglasses offered here at Gordon Optical, and it's one we are very proud of! The brand originates from and is 100% made in Italy. Each piece of Epos eyewear is designed and crafted

103, 2022

Finding Your Perfect Prescription Eyeglass Style

The Method to Selecting The Best Eyeglass Style For You Choosing eyeglasses is an incredibly complex process, and unlike a shirt or pair of shoes, most do not change their eyeglasses on a daily basis. Your chosen eyeglass style is something you will be wearing every day,

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