Finding the best new pair of eyeglasses for you is all about the comfort and guidance during the process. At Gordon Optical, our helpful and experienced staff can fine-tune your prescription and find the right lens options for you. This includes features like bifocal lenses, Transition® Lenses, anti-glare or scratch-resistant coatings. Whatever you need, our team can help you find the best fit to protect and enhance your vision. Contact us today to learn more or stop by to set up a consultation.

Name Brand Frames

The most exciting part about picking out a new pair of eyeglasses is choosing a new pair of frames. Whether you’re sticking to your tried and true classic styles or branching out a bit outside your comfort zone with brighter and bolder options, we have a large inventory of frames from all different brands and designers. All frames are durable and require little maintenance, and you can express yourself with designs from Gucci or Ray-Ban. Contact us today to set up a fitting and you’ll be enjoying your new frames in no time with our same-day personalized service!

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Our professional staff are always eager to work with new and returning customers to help guide them through the process of finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or even sport/activewear glasses!